My name is Eamon McGinn. I live in Sydney, Australia.


I work at Deloitte Access Economics. I'm a Director and my work mostly covers economic aspects of transport, infrastructure and energy. I use quantitative microeconomic modelling to answer business and policy questions. This includes policy simulation, cost benefit analysis and forecasting. I mostly work on infrastructure intensive industries such as transport, energy and mining.

Before working at Deloitte I worked at the Australian Energy Regulator and the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics.


I am currently undertaking a PhD in economics at University of Technology Sydney. I anticipate completion in 2020. I've been awarded the Ross Milbourne Research Scholarship in Economics. My research applies econometrics to questions in political economics - particularly voter and politician behaviour. I have tutored in public economics, global economy and environmental economics.

I have an undergraduate degree in Commerce with Honours in Economics from The University of Sydney. I was awarded the Jack Tilburn Honours Scholarship and my honours thesis focussed on mechanisms for cooperation in repeated games. I tutored classes in introductory Microeconomics, introductory Macroeconomics and Political Economy.

I also have a Masters degree in Economics from the University of NSW. I focussed on Microeconomics and Econometrics. A term paper produced as part of the degree was published in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports in 2013.

On the side, I completed a Graduate Diploma of Brewing at Federation University.

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